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We've been a qualifier the past two years and see no reason we wouldn't be again in 2021...unless there was an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse.

(We went with those since world-wide pandemic had already been taken.)

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Running can take us places normal life doesn't, including the Swiss Alps and so we’re excited to partner with Ultra Trail de Monte Blanc (UTMB).


For 2020 the:

  • 100 miler gets 5 points

  • 50 miler gets 3 points

  • 35 miler gets 2 points


Known as one of the most iconic and magical ultra races in the world, UTMB runs through Italy, Switzerland and France (ESPN even called it the "crown jewel of ultrarunning.) Each year runners traverse the beautiful Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe. Runners qualify for the lottery by earning points throughout the year…run a qualifier, earn some points.


We love this race experience for a few reasons; one being you can earn points over the course of two years. This gives runners freedom to have a bad race or even a rough racing season without losing all our hard work.


We also LOVE that UTMB offers multiple events. This means it can be a friend and family experience. There are 4 different races for the adults and several kid and youth races. This allows multiple crew members to engage. But regardless, the beautiful scenery lends itself to stunning self-supported races during the trip.


Understanding European history, engaging in outdoor adventure and learning to value other cultures is a true gift.


To learn more about it checkout:

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